Are You Being A Christian Bully?

Last night, after the little one finally nodded off after an hour of running around screaming “Go! Go! Go!”, the two big kids were finally in bed too, and I had a few minutes to scroll through Instagram before it was time to go to bed myself. I came across another individuals post that kind of weighed heavy on my heart. I thought about it on and off before bed, and I was trying to piece together just a response to it, because it honestly bothered me. I am not one to be easily triggered, I will comment my opinion with the full respect that everyone is entitled to their own. I love having educational debates on differences, and I will always listen to you, and your reasons why you feel a certain way. I was raised with the mentality “To each their own”. Obviously in the world we live in today, that is not very easy, because everyone is right, and you are wrong, if you do not fully agree with them. So usually I keep to myself and keep scrolling. This though I read, and reread a few times to see if maybe I was missing something. After reading the comments after the post, I realized I missed absolutely nothing, and my heart ached for this person.

The post:

“I am not understanding why people, who become Christians think that God loves everything they do. He hates your sin, and he will punish you for your sin. Has no one read the first testament? You can not be gay and a Christian. You can not be divorced, and a Christian. You can not have relations before marriage, and be a Christian. It is simply not how life works. If you want to be a Christian then you need to be free from sin, at all points in life. There are no exceptions, and if you come to me and say you are Christian knowing you have these sins, I will condemn you away from my church.”

First off……WOW!

Second……What the heck?

Third……Obviously this person needs some Jesus love because they are not understanding the good book.

Ladies and gentleman, I am going to say something, that you may or may not agree with, and that is okay, we have free will to make up our own minds and our own decisions, so you do you:

We were not put on this Earth, to judge people. We were not put on this Earth to spread hate and ignorance in God’s name. We were not put on this Earth to pick and choose what you like or dislike about another person’s life and then decide that they are not a Christian because of it. PERIOD.

God sent Jesus to Earth, to forgive our sins. He sacrificed his only son, for us. He knew what the world is, and that humans live sinful lives. He urges us to try our best not to do this, but we are only human, and well, we all screw up. Telling someone they are going to hell because of screwing up? Well, not cool lady, not cool. I bet she has a Karen haircut, and screamed at a teenager behind the counter over her expired coupons earlier that day so she needed to vent, but I feel sorry for anyone she comes into contact with. Okay, that was me passing judgment, my bad.

It is people like that though, that gives Christianity a bad name. It is people in this world who are using “God said this!” to hurt others into thinking that something is wrong with them. It is people with this ignorant belief that spreading hate is what God intended. It is also people like this who I pray the hardest for, because what a miserable life to live.

I have said this before in previous posts, but I am going to say it again. I would not want to be that person at Heaven’s gate trying to explain to God why you turned someone away from him, because you judged them based on their life choices. I would hate to be the one that is standing there explaining to our Savior why you refused to teach, serve, spread his word like he asks of us, because you decided that you were better then someone else. I would hate to be that person looking at God and explaining to him that you decided their sin was worse then any of your sins, so you deserve to be in heaven but not them. Actually if you are one of these people, I would love to be that angel sitting on the cloud listening in, that would actually be a great time!

I have read through the bible, I am pretty well in tuned with the teaching, I am pretty confident in the good and bad. I have looked for this one section, the one that tallies which sin is worse then others. I can’t seem to find it. I know some people think that it is in there. It isn’t. So, before you decide to judge someone because you don’t like what they are doing, or have done, or the life they are living, clean off that mirror and look at yourself. God loves all of us, regardless of anything, He LOVES us, regardless of what we have done, what we are going to do, and the life we are living, He LOVES us. Period.

FUN FACT: Hate is mentioned 85 times in the bible. Not one of those times is it mentioned that God hates people. On the contrary, the times that hate is mentioned, it is God telling us to not hate one another, but to love one another.

So why do we feel the need to spread hate in the name of God? It is a question for the ages isn’t it?

I sat the other day and really pondered this because it was really bothering me. Well, 2020 in a whole has been really bothering me. We see it all the time these days, the ignorance, the hate, the injustice towards others that do not deserve it. All because someone felt they were superior. I have my own personal beliefs on why this is getting worse, but I am going to keep politics out of it for now, and focus more on the people who think this is okay.

I feel that we as humans have a keen ability to push people down when we ourselves are feeling insecure of our own capabilities, body image, life choices, love choices. It is the classic bully on the playground scenerio. The bully, usually a larger, overweight individual would rather push those around him down before they can make fun of him. So in theory the ones who are shaming and yelling at those for their life choices, are actually so insecure with their own that they feel they need to “damn” those who they deem unfit.

Well, I don’t know who needs to hear this but no one likes the bully, and they usually are the ones who end up lonely and bitter. Wouldn’t you rather be the one who uplifts everyone around you? The one who welcomes anyone into God’s house, to learn and worship together? To hold each other accountable to walk in the path of Jesus, instead of telling them they are not good enough to walk beside you? I mean wouldn’t God’s house be such an amazing place with all different types of individuals worshiping together! Not a house that only lets you in based off Net Worth, Love Choices, Race, Past, Future, Marriage, Sin. That is not a type of house I would ever want to live in, I would want to live my eternal days with people from all across the board. It seems so much more interesting and fun!

I fully understand that you can not argue with ignorance, but I am fully hopeful that you can teach ignorance away. You can show enough love, patience, kindness, hope, and understanding to a point where you slowly chip away at the barrier of hate they have had engraved into their brain their entire life. Not everyone can be saved, just like not everyone can be saved spiritually, but if it is just one more then yesterday, it is worth the effort.

So, ladies and gentlemen, instead of passing judgment on another individual regardless of the situation, look at yourself in the mirror first and decide if you want to be the bully on the playground, or the one who walks over and helps the other person up off the ground. I can promise you if you choose the second option, your life will be much more fulfilled, and God will be much more willing to welcome you up to the eternal party!

Remember, you are not born to hate others, you are taught to hate others.

What are your insecurities? Have you been passing judgment towards others lately even if it was unintentional? How do you feel you would handle a situation like this? I would love to hear your opinions!!!

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