In A World Full Of Karen’s, Be a Deborah

Sorry if your name is Karen, no disrespect towards you! Obviously there are people who ask for managers who’s name is not Karen, like Dorothy or Susan. I get it, one bad Karen brought it all down for the rest of you.

Woman, woman are an amazing and beautiful thing, are we not? We are powerful, courageous, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate, fierce and let’s face it ladies, the only reason the human race has survived. We can do anything we put our minds to, and when you get a group of strong women together, we are unstoppable.

I think one of the most beautiful thing about us, is that regardless of what history has tried to do to us, there is always that one bad ass woman who shows up, and changes the world. It is all throughout history, there is always that one woman in all the stories who just shows up and brings the house down.They always try to stop her, they always try to get her to go back to her “place” of what society thinks she should be, but nope, she is like not happening, and changes the world for the better.

There are so many powerful woman throughout the bible. I love when you go to certain churches, and I have been to them, where the men are the “all powerful”. Woman are meant to just bare children and that is that, some churches women aren’t even allowed to speak in the presence of the man. I would never survive.Not really sure what that is about, men with egos I guess, or because, you know, because the bible told them so. I always kind of sit there and go “ummmmmm have you read the bible? Or are you just picking out what you think it means for your own benefit? Because, there are a lot of bad ass woman in the bible?” I actually don’t say that because it would be disrespectful, to each their own. I just know I was raised in a house where we were taught that regardless of gender, you can accomplish the world, and there would be no world, if there were no women.

So are you amped up yet? Do you have that strong women power flowing through your veins because we are going to talk a little bit about probably one of the most kick butt women in the old testament:

DEBORAH! (If you want the full story of Deborah it is Judges 4-5)

Maybe you have heard of her, maybe you have not. No worries, she was only the leader of the Israelite’s during a very desperate need for a powerful leader. She also defeated the largest army in that time, no biggy right? Little back story for this:

It had been about 200 years since the Israelite’s destroyed Jericho (to the help of another kick butt woman, Rahab, who we will talk about later this week). The Israelite’s had survived all this time, but so did the Canaan and if you know your history of the bible the Canaan’s were not God’s favorite people. They were very sinful, and unfortunately due to their numbers they had began to corrupt most of the Israelite too, on top of the corruption they also had a larger and stronger army so they could wipe them out.

Israel needed a ruler, and no one would step up. So a prophetess Deborah stepped up and became the ruler of Israel. Her vision of the world was shaped not by the political situation of her day but by her relationship with God. Obviously it was very rare in this time for a woman to become a leader, she was the leader that Israel so desperately needed. Her courage, her strength, and her love of the Lord helped keep Israel away for foreign oppression and sinful temptation.

The leader of the Canaan Sisera heard that Israel had a woman leader, so in his mind he saw them as weak. It was his time to finally get rid of the Israelite’s once and for all. Deborah, who was a prophet of God knew about this, and she called to a man named Barak. She told him that God has spoken to her, and he needs to take ten thousand men and defeat Sisera. Now, Barak was scared. He knew of this leader, he also knew how strong of an army he had. Israel had been oppressed for twenty years at this time, and they just did not have the strength of army to defeat him, so he thought. Little did he know he didn’t need a large army, he had God, and Deborah in his corner.

He tells Deborah “Ughhhh no, I am not going unless you go, this is crazy” and Deborah says to him “Certainly I will go with you” BUUUUUUUT and here comes one of my most favorite lines in the bible “But because of the course you are taking, the honor will not be yours, for the Lord will deliver Sisera into the hands of a woman” (I MEAN COME ON! WOMEN POWER!) She is literally like, sorry dude, you don’t get the honor, I get the honor.

As the story goes on, Sisera goes to fight Barak’s army. Unfortunately Sisera had a confidence problem, and because he thought Israel was weak due to a woman leader he miscalculated his attack. He took his 900 chariots down to the river, where the river flooded, leaving his men weak, and stranded. Barak took his army and put every man to the sword. Not one of Sisera’s army survived. Sisera was defeated by another woman, Jael. Another strong woman fighting with God in her corner.

His military calculations failed to account for one key variable: the strategic power of a woman’s faith. Deborah was a prophetess who held high court right next to Jericho, she knew and looked at God’s promises every day. Even though Israel at the time was divided, she never lost hope, or her love for the Lord. It was this, that helped her defeat the Canaan. Which they did, finally.

Deborah never called herself the “Ruler of Israel” or the “Leader of Israel” no she referred to herself as “The Mother of Israel”. Like most mothers she was fiercely protective of her children. She would do anything to make sure that her children, the children of Israel would flourish. Even though they had forgotten who they were, and what their purpose was, Deborah, Mother of Israel reminded them and led them into victory.

If you actually sit down and think about it. God used women in his army of faith to rule, and defeat those who went against him. Perhaps in your own life you are not an accomplished leader, or in a position of authority. You can still be like Deborah, the “mother of her people”. You can still use your voice, and your faith to inspire those around you. You can still be a key influential figure in the word of God, and in your community.

Women were not meant to be kept quiet in the back. If that was the case, God never would of used a women to defeat the Cannon, to destroy Jericho, to spread his word as prophets, disciples, and the mother of his only Son. He used women because he knows that we are not only strong, courageous, and devoted people, we are mothers. Being a mother does not have to mean that you gave birth to your own child. You can be a mother to the children of your church, your neighborhood, your co-workers, you friends, and your family. You can be a “Mother of Christ” just like Deborah was the “Mother of Israel” Fierce, determined, nurturing, and one strong woman. Using your skills to nurture those around you, to protect those around you, to teach those around you, and to feed those around you the word of Christ.

Every few days this week I will be posting stories of fierce women in the bible. The ones who God used due to their faith in him, their devotion to him, and their ability to, as I said before be kick ass women in a time that not many women had the ability to do so.

So, for today, remember that you are strong, beautiful, confident, courageous, you are a woman, and you should not be quiet about it, that was not, and is not God’s intention for “the mothers of his word”. Now, that does not mean asking for the manager, don’t be a Karen, be a Deborah!

Happy Praying Everyone!

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